There are four types of essays.

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What exactly is an essay? A piece of writing that expresses the writer's view. However the definition is usually unclear and can be confused with other types of writing like a personal letter or an essay, novel, report or short story. Essays can be classified as formal, academic, informal, or private. The term "essence" is used today to describe the quality of writing in an essay.

An essay's structure normally comprises four sections: an introduction, the body of the essay, the conclusion, and part or conclusion. The introduction is usually written prior to the body of the essay, and the conclusion is at the close of the essay. This order of paragraphs can be used in academic writing.

The main purpose of an essay is to express the writer's view or hypothesis in writing. Essays also aim to support or demonstrate the writer's position with elaborate arguments. Expository essays should be written in conformity with the academic writing standards. As with any essay, the structure of the essay must be logically organized to convey ideas. That means an essay can't start with an argument, if it must follow a logical order.

A narrative essay employs distinct structure from an essay that is non-narrative. Narrative essays usually begin with an introduction that sets the stage (narrated details) to the main body of the essay. Subsequent sections of the narrative essay usually contain descriptive sentences which give a brief outline of what's been stated in the essay (sometimes with the perspective of a character or personal view of the information being presented). You may find these kinds of essays very similar to the personal narrative style in which the writer employs his/her own voice to relate the story of things that happened or experiences.

Argument from authority is one of the most common argument in thesis statements. In this case, the writer relies on scientific evidence and literary information or other support or refute an assertion. The thesis could be convincing and may be argued however, if it is not supported by substantial evidence (or in the event that the evidence is not of any importance to the reader) the argument may not deserve to be classified as a thesis. In many instances, however, the existence of facts supporting a position is such a clear and undisputed truth that even the least or cautious reader could realize the truth. In order to support a thesis, it must contain a variety of arguments that are independent, or statements of fact and/or arguments in support of the literary thesis.

The introduction to an essay is usually a preview of what lies ahead. It informs the reader of the expectation that guides the essay writing process. It begins with a brief description of the essay and its relation to the topic. In most cases the introduction is silent. This allows the essay writer to let his/her ideas unfold without having to wrestle with the questions raised in the introduction. It also gives time to gather all the required details and to develop the theme(s) that will emerge throughout the body of the essay.

The majority of essays contain at least one preface. The preface explains the background and scope of the research. The preface could be a sign that the essay shares the same theme as other essays, or may point out some significant aspect of the writing that is unique to the essay. The conclusion is the primary part of an essay. It typically outlines the main premise(s) of the essay. The conclusion can be described as a statement or thesis that summarises the main points of the essay. It typically draws from the information in the body and concludes with an address to the audience that is most relevant to it.

This list illustrates that there are four types of essays. Each comes with its pros and pros and. It is up to each person to choose which essay they'll write. One thing is certain, however: if you're having difficulties presenting a certain kind of essay, you will struggle to write other types. The essays you write will be more successful by following a specific format.

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